Support people better with In-Form
The client relationship app built by Homeless Link

Streamline your support

Track individual outcomes, measure your impact, communicate with colleagues, manage your service – however many people you support, you’ll support them better with In-Form.

Built on the Salesforce platform, In-Form has been offering new ways to build stronger relationships with clients and improve productivity since 2010. Today, with our new family of In-Form apps, you can experience the benefits whatever the size of your organisation. It’s simple to use, yet packed with features to help you assess, manage, collaborate and improve.

In-Form enables organisations of all sizes to make the most of their information.

Designed by a non-profit for the
non-profit sector:

  • In-Form is unique - developed by Homeless Link based on years of experience of client recording for charities
  • Your organisation is unique - we will work with you to deliver the system that will work best for you
  • Your clients' journeys are unique - we'll train you to get the most out of In-Form in the work you do to support them

Who uses In-Form?

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Brilliant trainer - very informative- and patient with us. Able to answer all questions. Thank you!

The Basement Project

I thought you'd like to know how overwhelmingly positive the response has been from our users to their initial experience of working with In-Form.

YMCA Downslink

I can manage my caseload much more efficiently and cut down on the amount of time spent at the computer in order to focus on client interaction.

YMCA Bedfordshire

In-Form is cloud based, so you can quickly keep track of the work you do with your clients using any web enabled device.

Whether you are working with someone at a service or out in the field, In-Form stores all the vital information about the support that person needs.

When planning support for people, customised workflows will keep you on track every step of the way. You can set up alerts at key points to keep managers informed about important client developments.

In-Form comes with the Homelessness Outcomes Star and a range of other Outcomes Stars built in as standard. Complete star charts during support planning sessions, recording your clients’ needs and tracking their progress as you go.

In-Form keeps all the service information you need in one place

Location maps, staffing, tenancies, rents, service charges, health and safety checks, maintenance, repairs and more. Connecting your clients with the services they need is simpler and faster. And the system can also be used for managing incidents, accidents, compliments and complaints.