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An authoritative source of information about the changing profile and needs of homeless people and the effectiveness of interventions in ending their homelessness.

Gaining actionable insights from In-Form

Data Lab gaining actionable insights

In-Form DataLab is a Homeless Link initiative which draws data directly from a range of organisations using In-Form - Homeless Link’s case management solution.

In-Form is being used by over 150 organisations across the UK, ever-growing with over 12,000 staff and volunteers using the platform to support their clients with their needs.

In-Form DataLab Principles


Data is only as useful as the insights you are able to derive from it. In-Form DataLab will produce insights that inform discussion and policy making to help provide better services and outcomes to people experiencing homelessness.


The broader and richer a data set, the more useful it is to gain insight. Through the sharing and aggregation of data from across a range of organisations in the sector, we feel we can dive deeper into the state of homelessness.


Every In-Form system shares a set of standard fields which all In-Form customers will use. Through management of these standards we are able to produce insights from across the sector.


In-Form DataLab only ever uses anonymized,
non-identifiable data and is GDPR compliant.


We work together to create insights and a clearer picture of the state of homelessness across the UK.

2017 Deep Dive

In 2017 we aimed to answer the following questions through the data collected from the In-Form DataLab:

• Who uses homelessness services?
• What services do people receive?
• What outcomes do they achieve?

in July 2017 we held a Data Dive weekend, where 30 volunteer data scientists worked with us to analyse the collective dataset from 8 In-Form organisations. The weekend was coordinated by DataKind UK and sponsored by Bloomberg.

Deep dive 2017
More Data Lab

The output from the weekend was interesting and we learnt that we need:

  • More data from organisations using In-Form
  • Cleaner data
  • More time to understand the data
  • Conversations with the In-Form customer community

This helped us plan the future development of the In-Form DataLab project.


If you have any questions about In-Form DataLab or want to find how to join the In-Form DataLab initiative.
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