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In-Form is used by more than 9,000 people working in frontline services throughout England and the UK.

Who uses In-Form?

Our customers range from small organisations to some of the
largest not-for-profit services in England. Here are some of them.

Stories from In-Form customers

Step by Step

Luke O’Neill

Step by Step supports young people aged between 11 and 25 through delivery of accommodation,training, counselling and development services. We needed a new system after a period of growth and wanted to be able to manage data more effectively to demonstrate impact and performance. We chose a web-based system so that our mobile workers could access it and it meant that it could grow along with our organisation with little effort invested on our part. For us, In-Form fully meets client engagement, support, progression and reporting data requirements.

We have had a very positive experience working with the In-Form team and have received excellent support from Nick (for functionality) and Jane (for contracts and governance). We found that roll out and implementation went well with access to prototype systems prior to Go Live being especially useful. With the benefit of hindsight, we would have given more attention to ensuring a higher degree of report writing training was given with clearer links to how we wanted to use the data we are capturing. But we particularly liked the intuitiveness of the system and the ease with which a number of staff took it to who we felt may have struggled.

We have had very positive feedback from staff and In-Form has greatly improved information sharing. Our future plans for the system include appointing a data officer and looking at how we can better use the potential of the system including whether it can be managed in-house.

Changing Lives

John Falkland, Performance Manager at Changing Lives, talks about how In-Form has improved support planning, reporting and the process of writing funding bids:

“We began the process of rolling out In-Form across our organisation in October 2010 because the rapid expansion we were experiencing made the need for one, centralised client management system essential.

“...we’ve been able to adapt it to suit our specific needs, providing huge benefits to staff and service users alike...”

“Previously we relied on a large network of spreadsheets and databases which made monitoring our work and its effects on people’s lives very difficult. In-Form has completely changed this.

"Every area of Changing Lives’ work has benefited from In-Form. Our staff are now able to develop much more personalised support plans for our clients, which can be monitored and updated quickly and easily. It also allows us to pull together data for reports and bids much more quickly and easily, reducing unnecessary admin time.

"The system is very intuitive and we’ve been able to adapt it to suit our specific needs, providing huge benefits to staff and service users alike."

Action Homeless

Karen Purewal at Action Homeless

We are a homeless provider of commissioned and non-commissioned accommodation both under licenses and under tenancies. Before we used In-Form, we used Excel worksheets and online databases provided by commissioners but we could not get data which had outcomes and was meaningful across the services. We needed a database that could help us set performance targets as well as showing clearly how well we were doing across the sector. A web-based one suited us the most.

Our experience of the implementation process was a lot easier that we had experienced with other systems in the past and we found the team really helpful, especially with support. Our team especially love the fact that you can view and share without complications and chasing people for feedback. Particular benefits for myself include being able to monitor and review staff work, pull off figures for bids and grants live, and review risk and incidents as they occur. It is also extremely helpful having all the client’s information in one place, especially as it sends you reminders to ensure targets and reviews are met as you require.

Without doubt, this has been one of the best organisational spends that we have made. Our staff have become less paper based, safer and more informed. We are really pleased and would recommend this system 100% for any organisation who wishes to understand their organisation’s core business better.

York Road Project

Cath Stamper, Chief Executive of York Road Project, talks about how In-Form has made life so much easier for her.

We are a small organisation working with the homeless in Woking. We chose In-Form to better evidence the work we carried out, reduce paper, save time and simplify the process! In-Form ticked all the boxes for us, especially as it was a system specific to homelessness and it was so easy to use. Plus we liked the fact that is web-based so that it can be accessed anywhere and from any device.

I couldn’t fault working with the In-Form team, particularly Nick who was excellent at leading the necessary training sessions and had lots of patience when managing my demands around report building.

In-Form has helped me easily monitor rents and reports clearly show up inaccurate inputting.

Julian House

Roanne Wootten, Service Development Manager at Julian House, talks about the impact In-Form has had both on staff and on the people they support:

“We’re very proud of the work we do and the positive outcomes we achieve but, lacking an electronic client management system, we weren’t always able to demonstrate this.

“Seeing the progress they have made in various areas of their lives ... shows the contribution a system like In-Form can make to tackling homelessness.”

“Moving over to In-Form has hugely improved our ability to meet the demands of funders and commissioners by allowing us to produce highly detailed reports about our services. This used to be an admin nightmare, but now it’s quick and easy.

“In-Form is a very slick system and allows us to filter data using very specific criteria meaning we can monitor the work we're doing regionally and identify gaps in service. Our staff are very enthusiastic about using the system to improve the support they can offer to clients."